My Dog Bake Shop is all about My Dog, Sheldon.  Sheldon is a 2-year old Cockapoo that is extremely treat-motivated.  If he were given free range of the kitchen, he would eat anything & everything in his path!  Unfortunately, Sheldon has a sensitive stomach and he can’t eat just any food or treat.  He’s on a veterinarian prescribed diet that is supplemented with our very own handmade, healthy treats.

Although we think My Dog is Sheldon, we make our dog treats knowing that My Dog is Your Dog!

We live and bake believing that we should all Treat My Dog Well.  We do this by...

  • Creating and baking treats that are all-natural and made with organic, human-grade ingredients that promote overall well-being
  • Never using anything artificial – no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, no chemicals
  • Baking fresh by hand when treats are ordered and never using any preservatives

We hope that you will Treat My Dog Well by rewarding, motivating or training your dog with My Dog Treats or My Dog Breed Specific Treats.  Your Dog, My Dog, deserves to snack on all-natural, fresh tasty treats!

Treat, Play, Love,

Rebekah, Troy & Sheldon