Counter Surfing...Catching the Treat Wave

Hi, it's me, Sheldon.  In addition to my duties and responsibilities as the Chief Tasting Officer at My Dog Bake Shop, I also have the tendency to Counter Surf.  Sure, I get to taste and eat a lot of treats, but I just can't seem to get enough.  The smell of freshly baked treats gets me every time!  Before I know it, I'm standing and stretching to get my paws, nose, tongue on anything edible within my reach.

I get it, it's not an attractive behavior and my parents are working to help me change this bad habit of mine.  Here are some of the things they're doing...

Cleaning the Counter.  Sounds simple enough, right?  Removing the distraction eliminates the chance that I will get my paws on something on the counter.  If I can't get anything, I won't feel rewarded (and I love being rewarded); therefore I'll stop the behavior.

Speaking of Reward, Reward Me.  When I exhibit the right behavior and resist the urge to stand and sniff around the counter top, reward me.  When you see good behavior, positively reinforce me.  After all, I am very treat motivated :)

Distract Me.  When you are in the kitchen give me a toy to play with, something to chew on or a game to play.  If I am busy, I won't even realize that you are in the kitchen!

There you have it, I've publicly disclosed one of my less attractive traits.  I hope you'll share with your furry companions so we can stop Counter Surfing together!

Woof Woof,




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